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Rules and regulations

Post by Chroma on Fri May 06, 2016 10:54 pm

Welcome to St.Verne's here are some basic rules to follow. It is expected that you honor these rules. Failure to do so will result in warning followed by expulsion

1. Treat others as you would have then treat you. General goodwill can go a long way to keeping a safe and conducive learning environment.

2. Please keep any and all actions and interactions to a PG-13 level. (This is not just my rule but the rules of the website operating this forum.)

3. Be honest. ( it is better to be honest about what roll your character has made then to lie. No one likes a power gamer.)

On being a player.

1. The game is run by Chroma. (Me) as such i might not be able to get pack to your post due to real life constraints.

2. Feel free to post pictures and videos content as long as they are relevant to the game at hand. Any nonsense can take place in the "odds and ends" tab

3. Pick a gamer handle. This is just for ease of communication and so we don't give away any information.

4. Death, it happens. Characters die. Sometimes trapped or in overwhelming situations they can pass away. If this happens understand that you can create a new Character and the legacy of the lost character will remain intact their memories still in the world you have created. Please don't ask me to pull a Gene Grey and bring you back next episode. (unless story dictates.)

5. If the run on sentences and lack of punctuation have not clued you in, my grammar is horrible. While typing here please be grammar friendly and do not insult players for poor grammar. You are not an English teacher. If you are, Don't lie no you're not.

Any addendum to these rules will follow as they become relevant.

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